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Mitesh Joshi has a Bachelors of Engineering Degree in Electronics and holds many other Specialized IT Certifications in his area of work. He has worked in the Information and Technology (IT) Industry for well over 18 years and he had a very successful career. He lives in Brampton South along with his two young children and wife; where his wife runs a very successful business.

Mitesh Joshi has strong knowledge of current issues and has a very different and realistic approach towards them. His vision is to make sure people has access to him and he is available to people of his riding to meet and discuss the issues and share their opinion on different matters. 

Mitesh Joshi has excellent Leadership and decision making skills that has allowed him to succeed in his career and businesses that he managed. Mitesh is very well integrated in the community and believes that federal government needs to focus on issues that directly affects Canadians and would like to address them from grass root level.

Mitesh Joshi is urging fellow citizen to elect a person who lives in the riding, who works in the riding and understands the issues related to the riding. Mr. Joshi wants to run for Member of Parliament to give people an option to chose a person who wants to represent the people in the parliament and become their voice. Mr. Joshi is very passionate about serving people, creating awareness about issues with real facts and want to make sure this country remains safe, livable and maintains it’s own standard. Mr. Joshi left his home country Sixteen Years back and chose Canada as his country for better opportunity and to raise his kids. He wants to make sure his kids and future generation of Canada enjoys - clean air, safe roads, affordable housing, education and healthcare. 


Vote, its your Duty and Responsibility to chose the right candidate.

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